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Interviews & Articles from Assata


Assata: An Autobiography Assata Shakur


New Book Assata: In Her Own Words
New Book Assata: In Her Own Words

Assata Shakur Interviews, Articles & Poetry

(A) = Written by Assata Shakur

Hands Off Assata Campaign
What is the Hands Off Assata Campaign?
Get Hands Off Assata Fliers
Statement from Assata's Appeal Attorney June 2005
Action Alerts Archives
Interviews with Assata
The Eyes of the Rainbow Assata Shakur Documentary The Eyes of the Rainbow Assata Shakur Documentary (Full Video)
Thoughts on Cuba, Black Liberation and Hip Hop Today Thoughts on Cuba, Black Liberation and Hip Hop Today (Source Mag, 1998)
U.S., keep your hands off Assata! Interview, part 1
U.S., keep your hands off Assata! Interview, part 2
From exile with love (Finall Call)
Prisoner in Paradise (Essence Magazine)
Assata Shakur talks to Pastors for Peace, Part 1
Assata Shakur talks to Pastors for Peace, Part 2
Post-modern maroon in the ultimate palenque
Brath and Mealy Interview (Black World Today)
Asante Sana from Assata Shakur July 2007 (A)
An Open Audio Message To The Pope And
The World (Rare Audio)
Remembering A Revolutionary: Martha Pitts (A)
To My People (A)
Assata: Terrorist, or Survivor of Terrorism? Mumia Audio Transcript
The stakes are raised
M1 of dead prez on the case of Assata Shakur
Women in Prison: How It Is With Us (A)
An Open Letter To The Mayor Of Trenton, NJ
by Mae Jackson
The Fugitive: Why has the FBI placed a million-dollar bounty on Assata Shakur?
by Kathleen Cleaver
Assata Shakur: The government’s terrorist is our community’s heroine
by Mos Def
Millions for Assata (Philadelphia)
Quotes, Excerpts and Axioms Of Assata Shakur
New Jersey Troopers Have Selective Amnesia
Sundiata On House Resolution 254
Castro Defends Assata
Political Prisoner to Exiled (A)
National Conference of Black lawyers Demands: Hands off Assata
The New Jersey State Police and the Nazi Party
(Rare) Audio to the Pope (A)
Letter to the Pope (A)
Message to My Sistas (A)
Critique of NBC Interview (A)
Immoral Bounty on Assata Shakur
NJ State Police and The Nazis
Profiled and on the Run (A)
The Unjust Trial
Covert Action Information Bulletin
On Assata Shakur (PDF)
Emerge Magazine Interview
With Assata Shakur (PDF)
Assata: An Autobiography Download ,pdf file and read now
Biased Media Coverage In NJ
On Assata Shakur (PDF)
The Continuity Of Struggle
By Assata Shakur (PDF)
The Black Scholar 1973
By Assata Shakur (PDF)
Colintelpro: fbi Domestic Intelligence Activities
The United Nations Petition
Assata Testimony to United Nations
Tell New Jersey "I'm Innocent"
Congress Attempts to Extradite Assata
Messages of Condolences From Nehanda & Assata
on the Transition of Our Revolutionary Sista, Comrade & Friend Safiya Bukhari (A)
Protest U.S. House vote on former Panther
Congresswoman Waters issues statement
Message To The Black Movement
The Prison Industrial Complex (A)
A Brief Overview Of The Black Panther Party
Political Prisoners List and Contact Information
Poetry & Music
For Sundiata (A)
The Tradition (A)
I Love Tha Future Video/Music/Lyrics (A)
i believe in living (A)
No One Can Stop The Rain (A)
Young Blood (A)
A Song For Assata (Common)
Assata's Song (Paris)

Palenque Queen by Habana's Shores (Askia M.Tour'e)

Comrades of Assata

Sundiata Acoli

Zayd Malik Shakur

Nehanda Abiodun

Kamau Sadiki

Silvia Baraldini

Marilyn Buck (RIU)

Sekou Odinga

Mutulu Shakur

Ronald Boyd Hill

Study Material / Learning Tools
Black Panther Party for Self Defense Crossword Puzzle
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