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Assata's Song by Paris

Thinkiní of you, and how the perception came to pass
Of a Queen beiní just a piece of ass
So I ask ya how that sound
Itís for the sistas I missed the last time round
Because I canít forget what ya been through
Canít forget the hardships in what you do
So Iím payiní ya the ultimate respect
Because I love ya and thatís what you should get
And itís a shame that it comes as a surprise
From the man in the land of do or die
That the word could ever reach and educate
It ainít nothiní but a style to set us straight
And Iím raised right, so ladies still first
But smooth with the groove for the fools that doubt your worth
Still thinkiní of a master plan to protect and respect
Cause the fact is I love the black woman

And anyway I remember there was a time
When I would see ya and try and go for mine
Push up in the guts for a month or two
Leave a stamp, break camp, yíall know the rules
And if somethiní went wrong it was your fault
The time was cut short and so were the phone calls
Then someone would ask if I know ya
Come up in my face and I would be like "what?" "who?"
But then I seen that the game was ignorant
The time had come for me to break away from that
Donít ya know there ainít no future in hurtiní our own?
Itís bad enough that the trust and love are gone
So I strive for one to provide for and hold and take
And elevate and die for
So many people wanna destroy
But I canít and I wonít stop ever beiní true to black women

Now brothers, one last note to help us
Keep check cause some are liviní life reckless
Runniní with women who donít have respect for self
And too foul to wanna get help
And sister ya donít need a man
Who cheats and mistreats and beats ya bad
Itís better to have nothiní then somethiní at all
And end up like a case beiní worse than a close call
So listen to the message in the song
It ainít nothiní but a way to make us strong
Quit beiní so quick to chase the juice
And diss us tryiní to taste anotherís fruit
In the land of Ameri - ka -ka -ka
I gotta hold my own and stay down with ya
Cause everybody wants to wreck
But Iíma love ya and show respect
I need ya black woman

To Listen Click Here: Assata's Song


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