بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al Hamdu Mutwlaqan

“Absolute and Infinite laudations and glorifications belongs to the Intrinsical Essence of Allah The Evolver “

Written by

Sheikhul-Islam Ibrahim Niass (1900 – 1975)

Translated by

Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar[1].

1. Absolute and Infinite laudations and glorifications belongs to the Intrinsical Essence of Allah The Evolver

Then again our Peaceful Salutations be showered upon the Mukhtaar (The Divinely Chosen One)

2. The quintessential Seed of Existence; The Concentric Citadel of Devine Secrets; The Secret Source of all existential Affaires

The Embodiment and the Nucleus of all Sources and Manifestations of Divine Lights.

3. I implore my God the Eternally Sustainer of all needs; The magnanimously Subtle God

To Accumulate and Safeguard for me good life, legacy and exquisite qualities.

4. I most humbly beseech Him by The Ruuh (The Angel Gabriel) and by the Divine Revelation (QUR’AAN)

And by Al-Mustapha (The Chosen One) the distinguished possessor of all Divine Honor and Reverence-

5. The Eccentric Table from which to obtain the Divine Knowledge and Secrets

The Principal source of spiritual undertaking to exercise Awraad (the divinely instituted ritualistic invocations) and Azkaar (Reminiscent invocations of Allah).

6. So that You (Oh Allah) may Purify this servant from all impurities and turbidities

And to Spread superabundant knowledge to my surrounding protégé.

7. Guide many servants by me so that I could revive and maintain Your constant remembrance

In every nook and corner until Your remembrance be persistently upheld.

8. Increase the life span of our grazing life stock and blissful presents

And Open for us the door of attainment of Your Knowledge and Perception and Ultimate Reunion.

9. Disperse altogether the characteristic atrocities of all aggressive oppressors

As well as the abominable aversion and disavowal of the mischief makers.

10. Hack into pieces all the arrows of their deception

For as much as their evil intent entails.

11. He (ALLAH) is The Vigilant Overseer of the creation and the devoted servants

He is however very Retributive and Revengeful against every accustomed sneaking robber.

12. His Consciousness and Knowledge permeates and encompasses the contents of all hearts and intentions

And He is very Perceptive and Watchful in every moment of time.

13. The Omnipotent Master, Oh Mine Omnipotent Master (I beseech Thee) for the sake of the Suurah AR’R’AD

Grant for us the goodness that flows beyond the conceivable limit.

14. Let it superfluously exceed for us the bounds of spiritual superabundance along with Divine Secrets

And Increase for us blissful wealth and Divine Lights of enlightenments.

15. Firmly Fortify our hearts from mere hallucinations, self-delusions and conjecture

And Help our cognitive and perceptive faculties develop with divine inspirations.

16. Accumulate for me beneficial fruits of Divine Knowledge and firm Faith

So that I shall be clothed in the garments of IHSAAN “God Consciousness”.

17. Accompany the soul of the servant in every sojourn of the night

And cloth him with the robe of spiritual distinction.

18. Indeed, Bestow Your spiritual excellence and blessings upon him and through him Shower

Your Divine Blessings and Excellence upon the fellow companions likewise the women and offspring.

19. The goals of this insignificant and weak servant cannot be realized by any

Except You Alone, therefore Bring Your Compassionate Response to him spontaneously.

20. Pressurize with vehement intensity those aggravators who shall

Walk up to us with malicious intent and contemptuous language.

21. I humbly pray that You will Make Your distinctive Deen to prevail

By the Sirri (Secrets) of the holly Prophets and by the very magnanimous Ahmed (SWT).

22. Accompany Your servant and Facilitate for him the performance of Hajj at Thy Sacred House

By virtue of Suurah HAJJ and for the sake of esteemed Suurah of IBRAHIM the revered.

23. Bestow upon him (Your humble servant) the honor to visit The Messenger

Until he accomplishes that which he yearns and seeks for.

24. Enlighten (Your servant) with The Divine Light of the ZIKR and The Al-Furqaan (Qur’an The Distinguisher)

The intrinsic inner and outer exposition and disposition of Your Servant.

25. Make the study, memorization, conservation and preservation and absolute commitment in upholding Divine Guidance of Your Glorious Book,

The cause of my nobility and magnanimity until the ultimate reunion with You.

26. The malady of my passionate desire and my sincere Love for Thee is never sufficiently cured

Until I become annihilated, completely immersed and saturated in upholding practically the principles of the Sacred QUR’AAN.

27. We crave for the intimate companionship and friendship of the QUR’AAN forever

Along with the inseparable commitment and preservation of it even in the state of slumber and amnesia.

28. Guide me by The Revelation; Sufficient for me indeed is

Your Healing Book (QUR’AAN) that cures all grievances, depressions and frustrations.

29. Teach me the divine knowledge and secrets

And Secure for me the attainment of knowledge and virtuousness.

30. Oh The Omnipotent Master! I stand before Your Majesty seeking for response

Through the blessings of Al Mustapha, his Noble Progeny and Esteemed Swahaabah.

31. So that You may Grant us good spiritual guidance and Tawfeek in success and maturity

And strive for self impeccancy towards the attainment of Divine realization and maturity.

32. Make profitable for us the services of the Pure Spirits (Angels) and The Divine Attributes

Likewise for the Present and the Past.

33. Bequeath the legacy of the Ambiyaa (Divine Prophets) and Awliyaa

To this insignificant servant after You Have Endowed him with spiritual strength.

34. Give me to drink (from the fountain of knowledge) that which You Gave The Aqtwaab

the microcosmic Pivots of Divine Guidance

And the companionship of the Righteous and the Devine Missionaries.

35. Instruct the hearts of my juvenile in The Deen (Divine Guidance)

With the resplendent exemplification and amplification of Al Mustapha, Similarly for my Fellow-Devotees,

36. So that they might be perpetually introduced and established in ISLAAM and the Twareeqah (Spiritual Path);

The people of spiritual ingenuity thriving with all sincerity of Faith upon the Pedestal of Divine Reality.

37. And also Let Be guided both physically and spiritually the multitudes,

Of the living and countrymen.

38. And Be Generous for Your servant with The Intuitive Knowledge of the Imam (Al Mustapha S.A.W),

By virtue of the secrets of SWAAD (QUR’AANIC Letter) and by virtue of his noble Swahaabah (companions).

39. Keep the afflictions of the debts and the pecuniary liabilities,

Away from us and our beloved ones by virtue of The (QUR’AANIC letter) NUUN.

40. GHAAFIRA ZAMBI; Oh The Ever Forgiver of the sins of the hopeless sinners, may Your Forgiveness be with us,

And our penitence be acceptable along with Your fortified Shelter.

41. Protect and Direct whosoever makes connection in fellowship with Your Servant,

To be like (the fortunate one) who has attained the cognition of Divine Reality – Haqeeqah.

42. Raise High and lofty The Minaret of The Deen (Islam) and the Twareeqah (Spiritual Path),

Upon our territory and through me to Guide my spiritual community.

43. By Your Gracious Superabundance Remove and Obliterate the heavy burdens, concerns, frustrations, and anxieties of The Deen

Including abject poverty, hunger and destitution away from the adherents of The Deen.

44. Grant regular provisions for us Oh Omnipotent Master in all our affaires;

Furthermore Protect and Guard, for us, Oh Omnipotent Master all our secrets.

45. I have placed my destitution at the behest of The Provider of bounty; Allaah (S.W.T)

And then He thus Guaranteed the removal of my miseries.

46. Please Accept my supplication, Oh Quintessential Responder to my needs; Oh the Munificent Master of my needs (Yaa Mujeebu)

By virtue of Suurah Al AHQAAF, Oh Ever Intimate and Omnipresent Master.

47. Oh Omnipotent Provider of all needs, Accept the supplication of the servant—

By virtue of the Sirri of he (Muhammed S.A.W) who is The Bearer of The Lewaa-ul Hamdi

(Flag of Glorification of Allah S.W.T).

48. Please Open The Gates for us, You The Eternal Opener of Your everlasting Grace and Compassion;

by virtue of Suurah FAT’HI.

And Facilitate our attainment of Your Grace and attachment with Thee.

49. I seek refuge in the secured domain and shelter of Ahmed (pbuh)

In deed it secures me from The Evil of the Red (unseen forces) and The Black (unseen forces).

50. Keep us Protected from all hardships, obstacles and difficulties

Sheer hunger and starvation, destitution, mere nakedness and every disease.

51. You Have Oh Allah (S.W.T) Subdued and Humiliated the invigorated arrogant boasters and the powerful;

but to whom You Loved -

You Smoothen their difficulties with ease and lenient forbearance whenever You Wished.

52. Make our lives very pleasant and delightful through the blissful virtues of the FAATIHA

And the AL BAQARA along with the virtues of IMRAAN with protection and preservation.

53. And similarly by virtues of Suurahs AL-NISAA and AL MAA-IDAH,

While Attesting to Faith that all praises and gratifications belong to You, I pray that You Will Multiply for me my beneficiary utilities and interests, as epitomized in AL-AN’AAM .

54. Oh Allah! (S.W.T) The Ever Present in Nearness; The Ever Hearing Divine Master! This do I humbly request

by virtue of AL-A’ARAAF

And by virtue of Suurah AL-ANFAAL Oh my Ever Efficient Satisfying and Ever Capable Master Creator.

55. I reached my goal Oh my Omnipotent Master, by virtue of the Divine Secrets You Embedded in


And through the divine blessings of Suurahs YUUNUS and HUUD who is full of innocence and divinely absolved.

56. By virtue of Suurah YUSUF, AL-RA’AD and AL-HIJRI, Please Accept my supplications.

Likewise by virtue of AN-NAHL and ISRAA-I therefore Make transparent and piercing the veils

(of hindrance to all Divine Realities as epitomized in Suurah AL-KAHF).

57. Let materialize by virtue of the Suurah MARYAM (The Revered Mother of Jesus The Messiah) our dreams and expectations

And Make practically Serviceable, pious and useful the offspring and the wealth.

58. Graciously Accumulate to our lot by the grace of TWAAHA every source of desire, yearning and longing

And Bring into reality by virtue of Al ANBIYAA all necessary objects of my quest and pursuit.

59. Protectively Intervene between us and every avowed and outrageous oppressor

Oh Omnipotent Master in Whose Power and Dominion is the means of sustenance and maintenance for every cosmic reality.

60. Fold up short and easy for us the road to perform pilgrimage at Your Holy House,

By virtue of the Suurah AL-HAJJ and Make the way much more easier and convenient to embark on it.

61. Purify the cognitive faculties there and thereafter the component elements of the body,

By virtue of Suurah AL-MU’MINEEN, and Be my Sufficient Protector against all afflictions, misfortune and calamities.

62. Be the Guardian Companion in all endeavor, Oh My Supreme Benefactor, for this servant, to whom You are the Most Beloved,

For the sake of AN-NUUR and AL-FURQAAN, Support him with Your Divine Inspiration.

63. Enrich me with the natural capacity and power of fluent mastery in eloquence and full development

By virtue of AL-SHU’ARAA, and highly Set Up the Reformation of The Deen.

64. Enrich Your insignificant servant generously from the permissible and blissful bounty

By virtue of Suurah AL-NAML without the dubious, corrupt and suspicious wealth.

65. Make pleasant and very joyous for him the homes and garments,

By virtue of Suurah Al-QASWAS likewise our ephemeral forms.

66. Maintain friendship with the one who maintains persistent connection and spiritual attachment with me and

Sever the relations

By the secret power of AL-‘ANKABUUT of those who contentiously detached and got separated from me, Let them

be impeded and precluded.

67. Empower him by the virtue of AL-RUUM and Make its powers and its banners submissive to me:

So that I could direct them in comportment towards my Spiritual Path and inclinations.

68. Keep us oblivious and consistently unaware about the taste and traces of disbelief, oppression and tyranny,

Lets be profoundly absorbed in the innermost meanings and perceptions of The QUR’AAN.

69. Bring into reality by virtue of LUQMAAN Oh Allah (S.W.T) my wishes and goals

By the virtue of Suurah SAJDAH by the grace of The Prophet the descendent of Al Adnaan.

70. I most humbly submitted my request by the grace and virtues of AL-AHZAAB and Surah SABA’I

Along with the Divine Secrets of Suurahs FAATW’IR, YAASIN the most outstanding and sublime revelation.

71. Attain for us what we seek and yearn for, Oh Omnipotent Master of creation, by the virtue of AL-SWAAFFAAT,

With the Divine Secrets of DAAWUD (Suurah SWAAD) and the Divine Attributes.

72. Beautify for us our most intrinsic inner disposition and outer temperamental characteristic qualities,

By virtue of ZUMAR, For You are The Manifest Reality as well The Unseen Reality Oh Allah! (S.W.T).

73. The Ever graciously Responsive Master! Oh Compassionate Helper and Succorrer! Oh my Omnipotent Master Responder to all our calls and needs!

Oh Allah (S.W.T) by the spiritual virtues of HAWAAMEEM Suraahs: (AL-GHAAFIR, FUS’SWILLAAT, ASH’SHUURAA, AZ’ZUKHRUF, AD’DUKHAAN, AJ’JAATHCIAH and AL-AHQAAF) Accept our prayer.

74. Be Ever-Giving to me, by virtue of the secrets of Suurah AL-QITAAL (Suurah MUHAMMED)

Along with the secrets of AL-FAT’HI and AL-HUJURAAT including my family and people.

75. Lead us to the Illustrious virtues of the Glorious Qur’aanic Surrah QWAAF

And to the virtues of Suurah ZAARIYAAT, and Your Glorious Suurah AL-TWUUR.

76. Grant unto us by the virtues of Suurah NAJM and Suurah AL-QAMAR and by virtue of Suurah AR’RAHMAAN

The capability to intellectually expound and elucidate with the best intelligible eloquence and articulation.

77. We anticipate the encounter of every incident or eventful occurrence and battle field by the virtue of AL-WAAQI’AH

Similarly by the blessing of AL-HADEED, Be Oh Allah! mercifully Benevolent and Graceful with us during The Inevitable Event.

78. We crave with high aspirations by the virtues of AL-JIDAAL and AL-HASHR, the procurement of endless support and superabundance

As well as by the virtues of MUMTAHANAH and SWAFF, Oh The One and Only God Allaah (S.W.T)

79. We desire with the blessings of Jumu’ah supplications the attainment and performance of another Jumu’ah

Through the virtues of AL-MUNAAFIQUUN and AL-JUMU’AH.

80. I reached great spiritual heights and sublime grandeur yet even more fortunate by virtue of AT’TAGHAABUN,

And moreover by virtue of our Prophet’s Surrahs (Suurahs AT-TWALAAQ and AT-TAHREEM) to the mutually disillusioned.

81. Heighten to the exquisite intellectual level the banners of Divine Truth through us

By virtue of Suurah AL-MULK and AL-NUUN (AL-QALAM) the high Devine Edifice.

82. Safeguard our secrets and confidentials, Oh Omnipotent Master of AL-HAAQAH!

Along with ascending stairways of AL-MA’AARIJ and by virtue of AL-NUUH without arduous Tasks and cumbersomeness.

83. Oh Allah (S.W.T) The Responsive Master of creation, Preserve and Sustain by the virtues of AL-JINN and AL-MUZZAMMIL,

My privacy and divine secrets along with the complete and perfect AL-MUDDATH’THIR!

84. Wholly Supplement the quality of our affaires with perfection by virtue of Suurah AL-QIYAAMAH

And by virtue of Suurah AL-INSAAN the possessor of Spiritual Stations.

85. By virtue of AL-MURSALAAT we pray Oh Omnipotent Master of creation along with the virtue of AN’NABA’I and by the virtue of AN’NAAZI’AAT and the best of all Divine Prophecy, beloved Muhammed S.A.W.

86. Make my transition very pleasant by the Sirri (secret virtue) of ABASA

And by virtue of Surrah AT’TAKWEER, Grant for me a blissful and resplendent Light (QABAS).

87. Accept Oh Omnipotent Lord Most High by virtue of INFITWAAR

The invocations of this insignificant servant in absolute servitude to You, Oh Allah! out of whatever comes forth from all degrees.

88. You Have Obliterated from me every symptom and contagion of adversity, distress, and calamities Oh Allaah! The Besought of all,

By the Sirri of WEIL (AL MUTWAFFIFEEN) and the Ultimate Grace of the Ever Protecting One and Only God.

89. Widen the space for us by virtue of IN-SHIQAAQ on the Appointed Time

To be among the most excellent and perfectly obedient to You, The Most High God of Majesty and Glory.

90. By the resplendent virtues of AL-BURUUJ then ATWAARIQ

Along with the virtue of Suurah A’ALAA, Oh The Most Munificent Benefactor and Provider for all!

91. And Deliver me and through me Redeem others by the virtues of AL-GHAASHIYAH

And AL-FAJR; and by the virtue of AL-BALAD, Oh Allaah Save us from the overwhelming and scintillating viciousness of the pericardial calamity.

92. Soften with gentile flexibility for us by the virtues of AL-SHAMS and AL-LLEIL

Every prejudicial rocks of cunning flatterers against my endowed distinguished qualities and spiritually abundant superfluity.

93. Embrace, by virtue of Surrah ATH-THWUHAA unto You, my heart

And support my intentions and Purpose to be absolutely dependent upon Your Divine Munificence.

94. Elucidate all my perceptive and cognitive faculties along with the component physics of the body

By virtue of AL-SHARH With clear explication and amplification; And Cure Oh Omnipotent Master Healer! all my malady.

95. Reward generously whoever has been very kind and generous to us by virtue of AT-TEEN

And to whoever adhere to our companionship as well us our competent people.

96. I have affectionately devoted and attached my people and offspring subjected

Unto Your Divine Mercy and Compassion and likewise the entire neighbors.

97. Keep my heart by the virtues of AL-‘ALAQ and AL-QADR steadfastly and sagaciously attached in annihilation

With The Most Exalted Presence of The Supreme Majesty and keep it well preserved and sustained with granite conviction in the steadfastness.

98. To those who turn to me and to those who look up to him (me in annihilation)

By virtue of LAM-YAKUN (AL-BAYYINAH) and by the virtue of notably distinguished and eminently venerated Ahmed (S.A.W.)

99. Shake and with discombobulation Expose those who hold me in contemptible hostility and animosity

By virtue of the Suurah AL-ZILZAAL each and every moment of time.

100. Expose us to excellent disposition of health and vitality Oh Omnipotent Master, with unceasing PEACE and TRANQUILITY

By virtue of Suurah AL-‘AADIYAAT and by the Sirri of AL-MAAHIYYAH.

101. Protect me from medical dependence, misdeed and offensive outrage

By the Sirri of Your very significant and formidable QAARI’AH.

102. Multiply for me the Divinely Gracious and Benevolent favors by virtue of AT’TAKAATHUR

Without boastfulness – no and never a slight trace in that at all.

103. I am firmly resolved and determined in faith by the virtues of AL-‘ASWR and WEIL (AL HUMAZAH) until

You Oh Allah! (S.W.T) Grant my aims and objectives and become graciously exposed to most outstanding pinnacle of spiritual excellence.

104. Grant me high nobility in excellence to beget prosperous sons and daughters

And Let there be increase of more blissful descendents prior to my transition.

105. Pour forth in streaming superabundance, scientific and intellectual knowledge and perception of the Deen as well as wealth

Let it flow in enormous superfluity from You, Oh The Provider and Maintainer of Sustenance!

106. Make them brilliantly cheerful and delightful for me to watch Oh The Omnipotent Master Bestower

And likewise my illustrious students and followers every now and then.

107. Oh Allaah! the Omnipotent Benefactor, The Bestower of all means; The Most Highly Venerated God of Beneficence

The Omnipotent Provider, The Ever Beneficent and Ever Merciful Master of creation

108. The Most Comprehensively Powerful, Oh The Eternally Mighty God, Oh The Ever Helping Succorrer

The Eternally Compassionate and Merciful, Oh The Ever Magnanimously Generous, Oh The Eternally Firm God Allah (S.W.T).

109. Make our blessings and rewards huge in both dwellings of this World and the Hereafter

By the blissful virtues of AL-FIIL along with QURAISH and AL-MAA’UUN.

110. Grant us very significant and great victory, Oh our Omnipotent Master, by virtues of AL-KAWTHAR

And AL-KAAFIRUUN, Please Bestow upon them Your Ever Blissful and Triumphant Help.

111. I have submitted myself in repentance to You with the uttermost sincerity of penitence

Therefore by virtue of AN-NASWR Bestow Your Guidance for us and in all our subsequent and respective gatherings.

112. Graciously Inspire me with the knowledge and perception of the Divine Unity (TAWHEED) by the virtue of


Moreover by the virtue which entails in TAB’BAT (AL MASAD) along with the Divine Virtue again of AL-IKHLAASW.

113. We Implore You to Shower Your Benedictions, Oh The Omnipotent Master of creation! upon AL-Mukhtaar

(The Divinely Chosen One)

And upon his noble progeny and as well as the righteous companions.

114. We humbly pray by virtue of AL-FALAQ, Oh The Omnipotent Master of Mankind!

For the fulfillment of all that prevails in my supplication by the Sirri of AN’NAAS.