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We don't Want $1M in Blood Money!


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Assata: An Autobiography Assata Shakur


New Book Assata: In Her Own Words
New Book Assata: In Her Own Words


A One Million Dollar Blood Money Bounty has been offered for the capture of Assata Shakur.

The enemy is intensifying its efforts to catch our beloved Sister Assata. We must make sure every visitor to this site knows and can defend the honor of Sister Queen Assata, we must make her name a household word like Malcolm X, Kwame Nkrumah, Martin Luther King we must ensure that everyone who visits this site, can and will defend our Warrior Queen. Know this also, those of us that call ourselves activists and critics of American politics will be watched closer than before, its time to close ranks. If you were unaware, let it be known, this government's attempt to oppress us is real. Assata today, you tomorrow.

Assata Speaks is currently soliciting ideas and suggestions on how to agitate, organize and mobilize in Assata's honor, in an effort to protect her right to freedom and to acknowledge what we consider to be an aggressive and on-going effort to frame, jail, kill, and defame genuine black activists that address inequities in America.

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Statement from Assata's Appeal Attorney June 2005
What is the "Hands Off Assata" (HOA) Campaign?
M1 of dead prez on the case of Assata Shakur
The Fugitive: Why has the FBI placed a million-dollar bounty on Assata Shakur? by Kathleen Cleaver
Assata Shakur: The government’s terrorist is our community’s heroine byMos Def
Resolution for U.S. Justice Dept. to withdraw the 1 Million Dollar Bounty for the Capture of Assata Shakur
Castro Defends Assata
National Conference of Black lawyers
Demands: Hands off Assata
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Millions for Assata (Philadelphia)
Audio Clips

What does the Bounty Mean? | 1,881KB | 2:40 Min

Why A Bounty on Assata? | 409KB | :34 Sec
Betraying Assata | 754KB | ? Min
Assata Shakur Speaks about Mumia | 767KB | 1:38 Min


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