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Messages of Condolences From Nehanda Abiodun & Assata Shakur
on the Transition of Our Revolutionary Sista, Comrade & Friend Safiya Bukhari

(Assata Shakur & Nehanda Abiodun)

on the Transition of Our Revolutionary Sista, Comrade & Friend Safiya Bukhari

From Assata Shakur, Havana Cuba August 29, 2003:

It is with much sadness that i say my last goodbye to Safiya Bukhari. She was my sister, my comrade and my friend. We met nearly thirty-five years ago, when we were both members of the Black Panther Party in Harlem. Even then, i was impressed by her sincerity, her commitment and her burning energy.

She was a descendant of slaves and she inherited the legacy of neo-slavery. She believed that struggle was the only way that African people in America could rid ourselves of oppression. As a Black woman struggling in America she experienced the most vicious forms of racism, sexism, cruelty and indifference. As a political activist she was targeted, persecuted, hounded and harassed. Because of her political activities she became a political prisoner and spent many years in prison. But she continued to believe in freedom, and she continued to fight for it. In spite of her personal suffering, in spite of chronic, life-threatening illnesses, she continued to struggle.

She gave the best that she had to give to our people. She devoted her life, her love and her best energies to fighting for the liberation of oppressed people. She struggled selflessly, she could be trusted, she was consistent, and she could always be counted to do what needed to be done. She was a soldier, a warrior-woman who did everything she could to free her people and to free political prisoners.

Her absence will be felt. She will be sincerely missed. I have faith that the Ancestors will welcome her, cherish her, and treat her with more love and more kindness that she ever received here on this earth. I pray that her sisters and brothers, who continue to walk on this planet, will honor her memory by continuing her work, by continuing her struggle, and refusing to quit until all oppressed people and all Political Prisoners are free.

Assata Shakur

From Nehanda Abiodun, Havana Cuba August 29, 2003:

I never had the honor of meeting our Sister Safiya, but her history of courage, commitment to our struggle and love for freedom has been an inspiration to me that on a many a day has given me the strength to carry on. As we gather to honor her, let us truly give her the recognition she deserves by continuing the work she dedicated her life to.

Let us remember that she was a Sister who despite many adversities in her life never relented to those obstacles, but used them as weapons against our enemies.It is unfortunate that now that she has made the transition we come to say thank you for your sacrifices, we love you; we should have taken the time and effort to say these things while she was with us, especially since she never stopped loving us. Her daily actions were proof of the love she carried in her heart for our people and our freedom. She gave us all she had and then some.

I send my prayers and condolences to all that loved her, I ask that the ancestors give you some comfort in knowing that Safiya's work is part of the history of resistance of women warriors that has allowed for some victories in our battle for liberation. In honor of our Sister before all of you I renew my commitment and dedication to our collective freedom and carrying on her tradition of ending oppression where ever it exists.

With Love and Respect, Nehanda Abiodun

Safiya Lives On!


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