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Mukasa Dada
Title:Support Ujamma Youth Farming Project, Support The Third Chimurenga*

Time Frame: 2 Months

Plan of Action: Contribute financial and supply support towards Ujamma Youth Farming Project. Zimbabwe's land redistribution exercise benefited formerly marginalised groups like African women and African youth. However, resources were thinly stretched as the government had to battle with drought relief, an economy under siege from sanctions, lack of support from global lending institutions and a declining perception in the eyes of the world.

Purpose of Action:Support Africa's right to self-determination through feeding its own People.

Established in June 2005, Ujamma Youth Farming Project (UYFP) is an African youth-led farming cooperative that has secured a 100-acre plot in the city of Gweru under the Zimbabwe government's A1 resettlement program and is registered under the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Employment Creation. The leadership core of UYFP is a very socially conscious unit that despises poverty and desires greatness at family, national and continental levels. Our mission is to empower African youth through gainful farming initiatives so that they are able to demonstrate the essential skills necessary to function as lifelong productive citizens in Africa's development. While one of our immediate goals is to offer produce to wholesalers and retail outlets in and around midland provinces in Zimbabwe, a longer term goal is to establish a training program such that youth of African descent from outside of Zimbabwe and even outside Africa will also visit, meet, train/work, and bond with their youth counterparts on the farm.

Our mission is to empower Afrikan youth through gainful farming initiatives, so that they are able to demonstrate the essential skills necessary to function as lifelong productive citizens, through Zimbabwe's agrarian reforms, and ultimately in Afrika's development.

In the city of Gweru in the Midlands province of Zimbabwe, a farming cooperative was formed and registered under the Ministry of Youth , which drew its leadership from former student leaders. Most of its leaders were leaders of student representative councils at institutions of higher learning. It is from their days in student unionism where we can trace their roots in pan-africanism.

Website: http://www.UjammaFarming.Org


What You Should Do Now:

1. Make a financial donation. You can mail a money order or check to the address below. Also you can make an online donation at: http://www.ujammafarming.org/donate.htm (No amount is too small or large.)
2. Make an equipment donation: Agricultural equipment, Office Equipment, Computers, Printers, and Fax machines.

Ujamma Youth Farming Project, c/o S.A.L.S.A
1112 16th Street NW Suite 600
Washington DC 20036

Contact Information:
Kwanisai Mafa
+26323511609 or +26311510157

Mariabu Inejnema

Netfa Freeman

Let our brothers and sister know they have our support.
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Distribute Widely
Support Ujamaa Farm Project
 Support Ujamaa Farm Project

Goals & Outcomes

Increase Public Awareness about Zimbabwe
 Support African Youth
 Groom volunteers and supporters of Action for Africa.
 Encourage and inspire Self-Determination Efforts in Africa.

African Self-Determination Project will have necessary social and economic support.
 Forward Movement to Pan-Africanism.
 Making The Third Chimurenga a reality.
 Built bridges between Africa and its Diaspora.


Please take a few moments and provide us with important feedback about this Action Alert. Your opinions are important!

*The government of Zimbabwe sought to unlock the value of its people by freeing land to most of the people in an exercised dubbed “The Third Chimurenga – Our Land Is Our Economy” which was a code for the Land Redistribution Exercise.

Action Alert Poll
I took the following actions:

I sent a financial donation
I contacted the Ujamma Youth Farming Project to show support
I arranged for equipment donations
I did all the actions above
I do not support this alert

My awareness of food security/accessibility in Afrika

I am active in food security/accessibility projects already
I didnt realize Continental Afrikans had their own strategies
Was aware but this is first time I felt I could get involved

My willingness to support food security/accessibility initiatives in future:

High. Any where Afrikans live, we need to support self-sustaining argiculture and distribution
Low. Access to food and community-controlled farms are not priority for me.
None. Food accessibility is not an issue.

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